Thermal imaging can be very effective in the following situations:

Locating hidden moisture intrusions in a building

Determining if building materials are truly dry after flooding

Determining the extent of water damage

To obtain visual evidence of moisture or construction flaws for legal purposes

Finding points of energy loss in a building

Preventative maintenance for a home

For home inspection before purchasing a home

The picture above shows the moisture (blue) from a roof leak that is not visually noticeable on the office wall. In this instance the customer saved thousands of dollars in costly repairs because the problem was found quickly with thermal imaging.

3D Environmental Industries, Inc. State of the Art Thermal Imaging inspection includes a report with side by side thermal and visual pictures, as shown above, displaying and interpreting any problems that may exist. The report also contains recommendations to correct the problems found. One of our team members will review your report with you and answer any questions you may have.

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