Air Quality Inspections: A complete visual inspection of all "red flag" areas of your home or building. Moisture readings and air samples obtained and analyzed to reveal any contaminates in the indoor environment of your business, home or potential future home.

State of the art Infrared Camera: Wherever there is moisture, we can find it. This amazing tool assists in complete moisture detection with no need for guessing or added expenses. We'll know right away what damage has been caused, where it originated from and what to do to fix it. This is an effective tool in detecting the source of a water intrusion immediately, before mold growth starts.

Mold Remediation: Complete removal of all mold, both visual and airborne. Our trained and experienced team will thoroughly remove all contamination from mold within your home or building, find the source, repair it and put all contaminated areas back together in better shape than when we started.

Clearance Testing: Mold Sampling after remediation will be completed to assure that the job has been done effectively and your home or building is healthy again.

Water Extraction: If you have a water intrusion such as a broken pipe or flood, we offer 24 hour a day on call service to remove the water from your home or business and dry out the environment IMMEDIATELY, before mold can start growing, saving you from potential health risks and added expenditures in the future.

Air Purifiers: We distribute Air Purification systems. Small and quiet, they draw no unwanted attention yet kill mold spores, bacteria and remove odors by breaking down the Oxygen3 (O3) in the air.

Energy Efficiency: Give your home or business an energy tune-up. We will inventory your insulation, windows, HVAC, water heater, and appliances. Then analyze the information and provide you with a full report of what you can do to lower your monthly energy bills and any initial potential cost.

3D Environmental Industries, Inc. is one of the only Company's in the industry to offer State of the Art Thermal Imaging for moisture detection. The technological advancement of the infrared camera allows our inspectors to uncover hidden problems with speed and accuracy that most other inspectors would miss. By using heat differential the camera is used to scan the building to find moisture, construction defects, and heat loss. Water holds temperature longer than most building materials or the air, and therefore it can be easily found by the camera's highly sensitive sensors. Thermal imaging can also track the moisture to the source so it can be corrected without having to rip apart ceilings, walls, and floors to find the cause of the problem.




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